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    The CLDA brief introduction

    The Chinese Lighting Designer Association (CLDA) brief introduction
    The Chinese Lighting Designer Association (CLDA) was formed voluntarily by the industrys designers and professionals. It was started in 2008 by Aladdin Lighting Network and other highly experienced lighting designers. It follows closely the rules of the International Lighting Designer Association and the European Lighting Designer to define strict membership admission criteria and activity guidelines.

    • CLDA aims to elevate the professional standard of the Chinese lighting designers, enhance the social standing of the Chinese lighting designers, strengthen industry self-regulation, promote exchanges amongst designers, and facilitates the development of the lighting industry. Membership is open to all those Chinese globally, who are engaged in lighting design and related work, or who are lighting design enthusiasts.
    • CLDA calls on our lighting designers to learn together, to achieve higher goals, and to share our resources
    • CLDA strongly urges our lighting designers to jointly elevate our standing, and to reap the deserved rewards together
    • CLDA hopes to make use of the spirit of collective research and group strength, to bring about the latest information, techniques, and the confluence of experience. To improve the design quality of every lighting design enthusiast, seek business opportunities, and fill any resource gap


    Today, CLDA has Mr. Lear Hsieh as President, Mr. Ge Guo Hua of Alighting Network, Shenzhen Lighting Design Mr. Jiang Guo-Liang, Guangzhou Copper Lighting Design Mr. Xu Qing-Hui, Guangzhou Light and Shadow Space Lighting Design Mr. Huang Yu-Min, Shenzhen Jinda Lighting Mr. Zhang Zhi-Zheng, Shenzhen Superior Elegance Company Mr. Lin Yong-Jin, who together formed the seven executive committee members, as well as a huge member base. At the same time CLDA had also engaged China Construction Institute Interior Design Division Deputy Director Professor Shi Qing-Tang and ZhongHwa Construction Technology Institute (Taiwan) Director Professor Li Xue-Zhong to head up CLDA advisory function and to provide solid leadership in the association business.

    Shi Qing-Tang Li Xue-Zhong Mr. Lear Hsieh Mr. Zhao Hai-Tian Mr. Zhang Zhi-Zheng
    Mr. Xu Qing-Hui Mr. Huang Yu-Min Mr. Lin Yong-Jin Mr. Ge Guo Hua Mr.Freddy

    Currently, the association organization structure consists of:

    • President:Lear Hsieh
    • Academic Committee:led by executive member Xu Qing-Hui, responsible for knowledge exchange and member training programs
    • Legal Committee:led by executive member Jiang Guo-Liang, responsible for lighting design standards and specifications, minimum product standards and other related matters
    • Public Relations Committee:led by executive member Ge Guo-Hua, responsible for CLDA press release, web site management and related public relations matters
    • Design Development Committee:led by executive member Zhang Zi Zhen, responsible for design concept and Art training for lighting design work
    • International Relationship Committee:led by executive member Freddy Lim, responsible for established relationship with international Association.
    • Member Development Committee : led by executive member Lin Yong Jin, responsible for members internal communication.
    • Secretariat:led by executive member Huang Yu-Min, responsible for project and event planning, executive meetings and related administrative work

    CLDA Official Website: http://clda.alighting.cn
    CLDA Office Address: 2-22,#431, Huang Pu Ave., Guangzhou, 510655, China
    Enquiry Hotline:+86-020-22159050
    Email of Committee:

    1Public Relationship Committeecldapr@163.com
    2Academy & Education Committeecldaac@163.com
    3Legal Committeecldalc@163.com
    4Design Development Committeecldadc@163.com
    5International Relationship Committeecldair@163.com
    6Member Relationship Committeecldamr@163.com

    The First Member Plenary Conference of the CLDA

    The First Member Plenary Conference of the Chinese Lighting Designer Association held in Guangdong
    There is no path before man arrives
    The path exists after man walks through it
    The pioneer pushes on with the trail ahead
    The follower carries on forward
    In the journey of life, we should support one another so that our path can be extended endlessly
    -- Lear Hsieh 15/09/2009

    On August 15th, the Chinese Lighting Designer Association (CLDA) held its first member plenary conference in Guangzhou. The association had extended a special invitation for Mr. Shi Qing-Tang to be appointed as the association business advisor. Master Shis passion and his dedication in the pursuit of architectural design had earned him an indispensable position in the profession. Although advanced in years he was still actively engaged and had witnessed with all of us this very exciting first member conference of the CLDA. Additionally, the Executive Director of the Chinese Architectural Institute of Technology Mr. Lee Xue-Zhong had also travelled a long way to attend this conference. In addition to his appointment as the association business advisor, he had also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the CDLA.

    The chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Lighting Equipment Association Mr. Quan Jian, the deputy secretary-general of the Shenzhen City Lighting Association and Shenzhen City Lighting Equipment Assocition Mr. Peng Jie, Guangzhou Guanya Frankfurt Exhibition Company Managing Director Mr. Hu Zhon-Shun, the association representative from South East Asian region Mr. Freddy Lim, Singapore engineering management representative Mr. Max Leong, senior engineer Mr. Yi Jian-Hui, had all attended this conference and extended their congratulations.

    We are delighted to be able to leave a note in the title page of the history of the Chinese lighting industry . As Executive Director Mr. Lee Xue-Zhong said in his speech, to witness this historical event, the following media firms had sent their representatives to conduct interviews and report on the event: China Construction News, Foshan Daily, China Lighting Dcor News, World Lighting Times, Lighting Design, China Eco Lighting, World Lighting Expo, China Lighting Network, New Wave Happy Habitat Network. Business representatives from Ya Jiang, Liang Mei Ji, PHILIPS, CityGrow, Kai Xiou, and Arroyohad also attended this conference and extended their congratulations.

    The association had established the position of the President, Academic Committee, Rules Committee, Public Relations Committee, and the Secretariat. These will separately come under the responsibility of Mr. Lear hsieh, Mr. Xue Qing-Hui, Mr. Jiang Guo-Liang, Mr. Ge Guo-Hua, and Mr. Huang Yu-Min. This conference had been chaired by executive committee member Mr. Jiang Guo-Liang. The President Mr. Lear Hsieh put forward three working principles: Sincerity, Professionalism, Creativity to share with all members. He also introduced the three tasks for the association, and hoped that with good intention, firm commitment, all out effort, solidarity, the combined strength of the entire member base, together with the support of the industry, government and academic quarters, that the association will surely become a driving force which will help realize the vision and goals of the Chinese Lighting Designer Association. The head of each committee group will summarize and elaborate on the plans for skill exchange, member training, lighting design standard and specification, association media release, and various association business meetings.(more)
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